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When you are stimulated erotically, you will experience both an emotional and physical reaction. This reaction is called “sexual desire” and it puts you in the mood to make love with your mate. You will feel a strong lust for your significant other, especially after kissing, caressing, or intense foreplay. You may even get turned on just by the way your mate looks or smells. Germany Sex Drops have been created to increase this sex drive. No longer do you need Spanish Fly!

Do you often wonder what causes low sex drive and lack of libido in females?

Just like with men, a low sex drive or lack of libido in women is often caused by either physical or psychological factors.

Physical Factors

  • Anemia, caused by iron loss during menstruation, has been shown to lower sex drive in women.
  • When a female experience uncomfortable pain during sex (dyspareunia) or has difficulty having an orgasm (anorgasmia), she will find very little pleasure in having sex in the future.
  • Alcohol lowers the libido
  • Abusing drugs and other substances, such as Spanish Fly
  • Diabetes and other diseases may cause low sex drive
  • Low Self Confidence. When a female believes she is not good enough for a man’s affection, she will often lose the desire to have sex all together.
  • We have coined a term called ‘Post-Baby Coolness’, which describes the loss of sex drive immediately after a female gives birth. This happens because of the woman’s hormonal changes, the trauma of her childbirth, and general exhaustion due to caring for a newborn child.
  • Trauma from past relationships. Females who have recently gone through a bad relationship will have a low sex drive.
  • Sedatives and other prescribed medication.
  • Female hormone imbalances. According to Dr. Michael Nemec, a Swiss OBGYN, problems with certain hormones in the female body cause a low desire for sex. Other gynecologists swear that it is the lack of male hormones in the female body that lowers libido. These studies are still being proven.
  • Anorexia and Obesity. Females who are severely over weight or underweight will have a significantly lower sex drive.
  • Poor Self Esteem. Women who do not look fondly on themselves do not desire sex.

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Psychological Causes

All females experience these mental and emotional causes for low libido at one point or another in their lives. When a woman is going through a rough time emotionally, it is understandable that she may not want to have sex.

  • Depression. Chemical depression can make it almost impossible for a woman to desire sexual activity.
  • Stress and Overwork. Sex is not a priority when a female experiences lots of stress.
  • Anxiety. Becoming anxious over problems in one’s life may make a female experience low libido.
  • Hang-Ups from Childhood. Bad memories from being a kid can cause a low desire for sex.
  • Past Sexual Abuse. A girl that has been raped or abused sexually may have bad memories triggered by sex.
  • Latent Lesbianism. Some females are scared to admit they like other females. They do not actually want to have sex with men.
  • Arguments. When you and your partner are fighting, she will have a very low desire to make love.
  • Living Conditions. A female may not want to have sex if she feels embarrassed about where she is, or if she is uncomfortable with the situation.
  • Menopause. When females enter menopause, their desire for sex lowers substantially.
  • Loss of Loved Ones. Lowered libido can be expected if the female has lost someone close to her recently.

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