Side Effects of Spanish fly

Side Effects of Spanish fly

The European nobility have been using the Spanish fly for centuries as an effective aphrodisiac. It has been always associated with increasing sex drive and power. Ithas actually originated from emerald green –beetle of Meloidae family which is popularly known as the Spanish fly. The yellow brown powder with very unpleasant smell and bitter taste is very poisonous if taken in anything more than very light dose.

Making love is the best instance in the life of any individual. These instances can be made longer with enjoyable sexual activity where the wildest feelings are shared between the partners. But unfortunately in many cases the sexual life comes to a pause when the partners do not give the proper response to the other’s feelings. There is a lack of sex drive in one of the partners. This lack of sex drive may be caused by various reasons.

· In males this lack of interest is mainly due to physical reasons.

· Females however have more complex reasons which can be both psychological and physical.

· Improper or incomplete diet leads to lack of energy for all activities including sex.

· A small quantity of alcohol can energize the nervous system, but if the limit is crossed it has reverse effects and often major causes of lacking interest in sex.

· Smoking increases the blood pressure and reduces the blood flow to the genital organs.

· Chronic diseases like diabetes can also lead to low sex drive.

· Psychological reasons include fear of pain during intercourse, stress of work, depression, trauma due to memory of sexual abuse in the past and unsuccessful relationships.

In these cases, a synthetic supplement Spanish fly is used which increases the sex drive of females and makes them involve in sex more actively with more interest. The medicine is made using the extracts of the beetle which is an –aphrodisiac. The insect species actually contains a toxin called Cantharidin which is blister inducing agent. But as it is very popular aphrodisiac, it is now sold across the globe and is also available in different online shops. It has to be mixed with beverage or any food for taking.

Spanish fly for women acts on women’s clitoris. It has a lubricating property and reduces the pain involved in sexual intercourse. It increases the sex drive in women and makes the vagina wet. It has been known for sure that it increases women’s desire for sex.

Although this drug is very popular but many side effectshave been found inSpanish fly for women. Regular use of this drug has ill effects on both sexual and general health. The Spanish fly side effect includes weariness, lassitude, stupor, laziness, tiredness of the body. It also causes body pain, drying of vagina which is a serious reason of concern. The Spanish fly side effect also includes itching and red patches formed inside the walls of the vagina. Even the people who have felt satisfying using it were not spared; the side effects have made them quit the use of this drug. For all these reason,sales of this drug have decreased significantly over time.